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10th Edition Homeland Security Professionals Conference and Exposition
November 3-4, 2015

12th Annual Homeland Security Conference and Expo
November 7th ─ 8th, 2017

Held at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center

Florida Hotel View
Florida Hotel View
  • More centrally located deluxe hotel
  • No parking charges
  • Inexpensive and plentiful alternatives
  • Internet in the rooms and in the lobby

This year’s 12 annual conference is being held at a time of renewal for US Counter Terrorism. With a promise to “wipe radical Islamic terrorism from the face of the earth” by the new administration, what will US counter terrorism have to do to fulfill that promise?

Taking the gloves off: Re-igniting US counter terrorism” will feature speakers that cast light on the subject of how the US can revitalize the war on Radical Islam. The debilitating effects of an anonymous and unnamed enemy for the past 8 years have led to gaping holes in the way the US effort is organized. Exciting presentations on everything from Cyber Security to banning groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood will be covered by 8 excellent speakers over 2 days bringing global best practices. A group of carefully selected vendors will support the conference with an expo of technologies that can contribute to protecting the USA.

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Conference Speaker List

John Brenner

John Brenner
John Brenner

John currently works for the U.S. Department of Energy’s - National Nuclear Security Administration at Counter-Terrorism Operation Support (CTOS) as the National Outreach Director. Read more

Jennifer Breedon

Jennifer Breedon
Jennifer Breedon

Jennifer Breedon is an Attorney, Legal Analyst, Specialist in Human Rights and International Criminal Law. Jennifer has traveled extensively to the Middle East to meet with government officials and discuss Islamist ideology and the civilian victims of its wrath. She has been to the front lines of the fight against ISIS and worked with the families of the 21 beheaded martyrs by ISIS in Egypt. She has worked with government officials throughout the Middle East on the issues of Islamist governance and oppression. Jennifer worked for the for the Clarion Project, the Center for Global Justice, Human Rights and the Rule of Law as well as the American Center for Law & Justice where she clerked in the international law department analyzing Middle East policy.

She wrote the first legal journal article providing the legal argument to label groups like ISIS as “genocidal” in nature and calling on the redefining of the term “terrorism” to promote International Courts with the justification to prosecute such groups and defeat the ideological war of Islamist extremism. Jennifer received her BA in Political Science from Georgia State University and her JD from Regent University School of Law in Virginia Beach where she studied National Security and Constitutional Law from former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. Jennifer also has a certificate in Islamic Studies where she studied, first-hand, Islamic extremist ideology and subversion of democratic principles. Read more

Michael J. Lazarus

Michael J. Lazarus
Michael J. Lazarus

Sergeant Michael J. Lazarus is a 25 year veteran of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Department. Graduating with honors from basic training, he accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Field. As Primary Firearms and Tactics Instructor during his 20years at the Police Academy, he trained, led and supervised a team of instructors with responsibilities for formulating, developing, and implementing Training Programs, designing Lesson Plans and Schedules for 6000 officers, special teams and units. He is a trained and certified instructor with the Special Forces (SF) and Special Operations Group (SOG) of the Trinidad Military in Jungle Operations and Survival. Read more

Detective Staff Sergeant - Toronto Police Service: Andrew Johnstone

Andrew Johnstone
Andrew Johnstone

Andy joined the Toronto Police Force in 1990 as a Cadet and was sworn in as a Constable the following year when he was then assigned to 14 Division, which at the time was the busiest and most violent division in Canada. During this period Andy worked in various roles including the Primary Response Unit, Black Organized Crime Section, Major Crime Unit, and the Criminal Investigation Bureau. As a Detective (Sgt), he supervised the Major Crime Unit for several years and then was selected to take over and run the Outlaw Motorcycle and Traditional Organized Crime Sections at the Intelligence Bureau. Read more

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